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New Shape: Chicago

Now available at Retrology (84, 30, 31).

Chicago @ L$1,000 (20 available)

Styling potential is only limited by one’s imagination.

[+] Style notes for Chicago


Shape Look Book: Lauridsen, Mauro, Nesbitt

What makes a great shape? The vision of it’s wearer.

With the diversity of product that exists within Second Life™ and the ever-changing nature of style aesthetics, a shape – as the basis of one’s avatar identity – should be able to compliment a variety of choices.

Manifest shape demos (C/NM/NT) are available in-store @ L$0 (with enlarged feet and hands) for you to test with your existing range of skins, hairs, clothes and accessories, or to try with other demo products.

All shapes are sold in limited quantities to ensure that instances of coming face-to-face with your SL doppleganger(s) will be few and far between.

Lauridsen @ L$1,000 (20 available)
[+] Style notes for Lauridsen

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Mauro @ L$1,500 (10 available)
[+] Style notes for Mauro

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L$1,250 (15 available)
[+] Style notes for Nesbitt

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