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The Boys are in Town

Visit the boys @ Skin/Shape Expo today: KMADD Events (35, 245, 21)
Main store @ Poidor (176, 126, 142)

Today, the 2009 Skin/Shape expo will open its doors to the public. Select sales from exhibitors will benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure® organization, a non-profit grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists who are working together to “save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures”. Manifest is donating 75% of the proceeds from the “Ramamurthy” shape to this cause.

The 7 shapes that Manifest is displaying at Shape/Skin Expo will only be available for the duration of the fair. After October 7, they will not be sold again.

All shapes at the expo:

  • Cost L$500
  • Are Copy/Mod/No Transfer
  • Have a L$0 demo for previewing

A free “Anewbis” shape (Copy/No Mod/No Trans) with 3 body types – muscular, athletic and svelte – is also available for L$1 during opening weekend.

Ad Photographer: Strawberry Singh

Sponsored product (shown in above ad): Boxers: Casa Del Shai |  Poses: Diesel Works, Long Awkward Pose | Eyes: Fusemelon (formerly Philotic Energy) |  Hair (“Abularub”, “Meyers”, “Nam”): MADesigns Hair | Skin (“Abularub”): PXL Creations, (“Hoefnagels”): TRUTH Designs


New Shapes @ the 2009 Skin/Shape Expo

September 26th – October 9th, 2009
Manifest Expo Booth @ KMADD Events (35, 245, 21)

Proceeds to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Expo info @

Manifest Shapes provides quality limited edition shapes for male avatars. This year, Manifest will be participating in the upcoming Skin/Shape Expo with 7 shapes that will only be available during the exhibition (5 pictured above). After October 9, these faces will no longer be available. Skin/Shape Expo will feature product from vendors including Belleza, Body Doubles Shapes, Foxy Curves, MADesigns, Shapes by Kira/Corrupted Innocence and many others.

Proceeds from select vendor sales will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation (see link above).

Please help me to decide which one of the above shapes you’d like to see have 75% of the proceeds its sales go towards the charitable cause. Vote for your favourite: (left to right) Hoefnagels, Castenmiller, Ramamurthy, Abularub or Lissimore. Poll closed.

Photo Credits:

Photographer: Strawberry Singh • Photo Editing & Design: Catero Revolution
Poses: Diesel Works @ Osa Menor (233, 236, 24), Long Awkward Pose @ Festivale (93, 154, 27)
Eyes: Fusemelon (formerly Philotic Energy) @ Imogen (212, 77, 251)

  • On Hoefnagels: Hair by Armidi / Skin by TRUTH* / Shirt by Whippet & Buck* / Pants by Zaara* / Shoes and Accessories by Shiny Things
  • On Castenmiller: Hair by The Good Life / Skin by DEN-DOU / Jacket by SiniStyle / Pants by Casa Del Shai*
  • On Ramamurthy: Hair by Uncle Web Studios / Skin by Minnu Model Skins / Tank top by Zaara* / Boxers by Casa Del Shai* / Socks by SiniStyle
  • On Abularub: Hair by MADesigns* / Skin by PXL Creations* / T-shirt by C.Smit / Pants by Armidi / Shoes by COURU
  • On Lissmore: Skin by Belleza / Suit by Redgrave

* Sponsored product


New Shape: Chicago

Now available at Retrology (84, 30, 31).

Chicago @ L$1,000 (20 available)

Styling potential is only limited by one’s imagination.

[+] Style notes for Chicago


Shape Look Book: Lauridsen, Mauro, Nesbitt

What makes a great shape? The vision of it’s wearer.

With the diversity of product that exists within Second Life™ and the ever-changing nature of style aesthetics, a shape – as the basis of one’s avatar identity – should be able to compliment a variety of choices.

Manifest shape demos (C/NM/NT) are available in-store @ L$0 (with enlarged feet and hands) for you to test with your existing range of skins, hairs, clothes and accessories, or to try with other demo products.

All shapes are sold in limited quantities to ensure that instances of coming face-to-face with your SL doppleganger(s) will be few and far between.

Lauridsen @ L$1,000 (20 available)
[+] Style notes for Lauridsen

– – –

Mauro @ L$1,500 (10 available)
[+] Style notes for Mauro

– – –

L$1,250 (15 available)
[+] Style notes for Nesbitt


Manifest Shapes @ Retrology

In partnership with Puma Jie of The Boditorium, Manifest shape products will first be appearing at Retrology (84, 30, 31) . The following shapes are now available in limited release quantities. After they’re sold out they will never again be offered for sale in-world – a factor that is reflected in their pricing.

Demos available @ L$0, so please try before you buy.

Mauro @ L$1,500 (10 available)

Nesbitt @ L$1,250 (15 available)

Snider @ L$1,000 (20 available)


Manifest Shapes in Second Life™

It seems like everyone who has been a resident of Second Life™ for some time develops their own signature of aesthetic values. Every person has their own take on shapes – what they should be, what they shouldn’t be and everything in between.

Over my time spent in SL™ I’ve made my fair share of shapes for fun or profit, and after many months of perseverating about whether or not I should start a shape business I’ve decided to dive in. Might as well – I’ve already got a folder full of gentlemen waiting to be released.

In the months spent as my brainchild I have a very specific direction I want to use to distinguish this shape business from the rest. The Manifest brand of products will be:

  • Limited edition
  • For male avatars only
  • Well suited to a variety of skins and tones
  • Tailored to different body type preferences

Teleport to Manifest in SL™

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